Thoughts on Roger Kimball and Hegel

I recently passed this article by Roger Kimball:

Fundamentally, what is modernity for Hegel?

The difference is probably in perception.

I’d be delighted to explore what “modernity” means for Hegel as sort of a response to Kimball. In that sense, it also presents a reason why a modern audience may want to read about Hegel as well.

This line of thinking started from Kimball’s paragraph here:

* “So why read Hegel? For one thing, he has startling flashes of insight — about the nature of modernity, the relationship between the state and civil society, the self-enchantments of freedom. Hegel is deep. He is also muddy. His work, the philosopher Roger Scruton observed, is “like a beautiful oasis around a treacherous pool of nonsense, and nowhere beneath the foliage is the ground really firm.” It may be worth visiting, but both the going and the getting back are treacherous. Many never return.”

What do you think modernity is for Hegel?



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Charles Lincon

Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, Hegelian dialectics, Attic Greek, masters University of Amsterdam.